Multidisciplinary International Conference: “Language Issues in EU Law in the light of Croatian Accession”


19.04.2013 - 20.04.2013


The Conference will deal with the paradoxical role of multilingualism in EU lawmaking with the general aim of examining the relationship between law, language and culture from interdisciplinary perspectives. With Croatia’s accession to the Union scheduled for 1 July 2013, the debate on the future of multilingualism in the EU will take centre stage. A wide range of topics will be covered: complexity of multilingual lawmaking, theoretical approach to legal translation in the EU, legal translation as an exercise in comparative law, interpretation of multilingual legislation at the CJEU, multilingualism as an obstacle to harmonization, emergence of a new European legal culture, building a uniform terminology in European private law, creating Croatian terms for EU legal concepts, role of the Croatian language in the EU, new challenges to Croatian judges, implementation of Directive 2010/64/EU regarding the right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings, and others. A publication of the proceedings is planned. Target audience: lawyers and linguists from academia, translators, court interpreters, judges. Venue: Hotel Bristol, Maršala Tita 108, Opatija, Croatia


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